UN Calls on Israel to Solve Palestinian Prisoner Crisis

Randolph Lopez
June 1, 2017

Celebrations erupted across the Palestinian territories on Saturday, after hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails ended their hunger strike after prison authorities agreed to a key demand of the protesters. In a statement, the Prisons Service said that most of the terrorists who were "officially" on a hunger strike and declared that they would eat again had actually broken their fasts weeks ago.

Israelis insist the deal was reached not with prisoners' representative but with the Palestinian Authority and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Hunger strikers are also calling for an end to Israel's widely-condemned policy of "administrative detention", which allows the imprisonment of individuals on "secret evidence" for without trial or charge for six-month intervals that can be renewed indefinitely.

A number of activities in the Palestinian terriritories were held in support of the prisoners, such as popular rallies and general strikes.

The schism between the Palestinian Authority, which is based in the West Bank, and Hamas, which seized control of Gaza in 2007, has left Palestinians deeply divided.

He claimed that imprisoned strike organizer Marwan Barghouti cynically exploited his fellow prisoners to boost his standing in Fatah and promote his position as a possible successor to Abbas.

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Israel has more than 6,000 Palestinians now in prison; more than 500 haven't had a trial. One of the demands of the prisoners, that there should be an additional visiting day for family members, has been accepted by the Israel Prison Service.

A power plant which supplies 30 percent of Gaza's electricity stopped functioning on April 16 after a dispute broke out between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas over taxation on fuel.

Israeli media said that after Fuqaha's release and exile to Gaza he continued to plan attacks by Palestinian militants in the occupied West Bank.

As Abbas met with Trump, Palestinians observed a commercial strike and held public demonstrations in solidarity with the prisoners.

Zeid said the right of detainees to access a lawyer is a fundamental protection in worldwide human rights law "that should never be curtailed".

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