Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after United Kingdom vote

Randolph Lopez
June 14, 2017

Davis, whose Conservative Party is due to put its policy programme or Queen's Speech to parliament on June 19 after failing to win a majority at last week's election, said the Brexit talks would begin at some point next week.

When the talks do begin, there could be a very different approach from the "hard Brexit" advocated by May that would involve leaving Europe's single market and curbing European immigration. But she could be constrained more than ever by Conservative hard-liners who favor a hard break with Europe.

"We will have to see whether the negotiation chief will remain the same, how the relevant ministers will look".

He said they should "get a grip" - and pledged his own loyalty to the PM.

Elsewhere in Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron wants things to move along, while German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel hopes a United Kingdom government "is formed quickly". "Everybody will notice that and that changes the dynamic", Kelly said.

"I have the feeling, because otherwise they would have given her a better vote".

One outcome of the election may make British politics slightly more stable: The far-right U.K. Independence Party was almost extinguished, while the Scottish National Party, which had begun agitating for a new referendum on independence, lost a third of its seats.

On Twitter, Siegfried Muresan, spokesman for the European Parliament's largest grouping, the European People's Party, said, "EU did not want #Brexit, but has been prepared to negotiate it since previous year".

"We need a government that is capable of action, which can negotiate Britain's exit. the British need to negotiate their exit but with a weak negotiating partner, there is a danger that the talks are bad for both parties", European Union budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger told German radio.

Barnier's interview will heap yet more pressure on May, who called a snap general election to give her a stronger hand at the Brexit negotiating table.

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But a series of campaign missteps followed and instead of boosting her party in Labour-held seats that voted for Brexit, her rhetoric may have turned voters off.

"Article 50 has been triggered and we were on our way".

Now with the anniversary of Britain's landmark June 23 Brexit vote looming and still no serious negotiations underway, many European Union nations and top officials have had enough.

"The timetable, whatever happens here, is likely to be pushed back", the former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader said.

However, Hetal Mehta, senior European Economist at Legal & General Investment Management, said the Bank will need to monitor financial markets and be ready to inject liquidity to avoid a confidence shock.

Pro-EU Conservatives pounced on their leader's weakness to argue for a business-friendly "soft Brexit", which would keep Britain in the EU's common market and customs union.

He told ITV's Good Morning Britain that she will definitely she will be there "for my career at least" and he was "100% [an] unswerving supporter".

With May severely weakened and forced to govern as head of a minority government, Britain's position on Brexit has suddenly become much murkier, and it isn't clear the embattled Prime Minister has the political strength, let alone the public backing, to force through her original hard Brexit vision. "A vote for one to go and the other to be revisited".

Other EU leaders have expressed concerns the failure to win a majority may make negotiations even more hard. To make matters worse, she saw her majority evaporate.

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