Officer Rescues Dog That Jumped Out of Vehicle on Lake Shore Drive

Erica Roy
June 14, 2017

In a pretty spectacular scene that was caught on tape, a dog was rescued from Lake Michigan on Tuesday morning by a police officer after it jumped into the water following a four-vehicle crash on Lake Shore Drive.

The driver of a Toyota Camry swerved in front of a GMC Terrain, which then struck a Chevrolet Malibu, police said.

The occupants of the Terrain and the Malibu were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, police said.

Probationary Police Officer Juan Farris had been called out to the auto crash, but found himself coming to the dog's aid too.

When the dog approached the lake, it first lapped at the water, seemingly trying to grab a drink.

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Officers Guzman and Farris rescued a dog from Lake Michigan.

In the video, an officer is seen rushing to the dog's aid after it plunged into the water.

The frightened dog scurried along the edge of the lake, but eventually they coaxed it close enough to put a leash on it.

Police brought the dog back to the station. Police were able to pull the dog out of the lake to safety. They described him as a good dog, a cooperative dog, who didn't have a collar or chip.

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