What changed on the inside of the iPad Pro 10.5

Alan Olson
June 15, 2017

27-inch iMac SSD Pricing - There is one area in which this unusual pricing equivalency does not remain in place for the 27-inch iMac, and that's if you want to swap the Fusion Drive for an SSD.

In another notable change in its strategy, Apple hopes to increasingly target lower end of the market thrived by first-time tablet buyers and the like. Jumping between home screens to browse through my apps only required a swipe so slight it felt like little more than a tap, showing virtually no latency.

You might have noticed a theme in the above scenarios - they're all based on Apple apps. Oh, and don't forget your $235 Smart Keyboard as you pass the check-out.

As a Mac user for more than two decades with a lot of workflows and habits grown up over that time, it's strangely comforting to me to think that Apple isn't going to change the Mac and make it into something different. The upcoming version of Apple's iPhone and iPad software, iOS 11, adds features like multitasking improvements, a bigger dock for pinning apps, and a file management system. What the new lineup brings to the mix, however, is a refresh rate of 120Hz.

But how does that apply to an iPad.

Apple released iOS 11 into the wild more than a week ago, and you can try the first beta on compatible iPhones and iPads right now. Other premium accessories including Apple Pencil and the Keyboard are estimated to increase the profit margins.

But, in one big way, reviewing the iPad Pro, now as a device for real work would only be telling half the story.

But come on - don't be using an iPad for taking photos. As it explains, Apple is making the 10.5-inch iPad Pro the tablet with a computing machine's price which is too early to hit the market.

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Remove all the Pro features (screen, screen size, Pencil compatibility, processing power, camera and more), you can get the standard iPad for $469, up to $799 for the 128GB with 4G.

If you put the 10.5-inch iPad Pro beside the 9.7-inch model, you would not be able to tell the difference at a glance.

But if you want to be ready to be transported into the Post PC era full-on, get the iPad Pro 10.5 inch, buckle up and get ready for iOS 11. At a glance, the device looks to have the same footprint at the previous 9.7in iPad Pro. "I hope the next iPhone has ProMotion".

Frankly, it's the reason Apple don't need the smaller MacBook Air.

In terms of professional use, this means that the new iPad Pro is even more capable of editing 4K video and rendering 3D images, not to mention playing even more graphically demanding games. "This one? Even better", Pierce writes.

As pleased as I am with this new iPad, I'm smitten with the Leather Sleeve.

The iPad Pro is the flawless mobile office. The Touch Bar and iOS 11 both suggest that commitment is still strong.

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