Did Megyn Kelly legitimize this guy?

Erica Roy
June 16, 2017

I understand that. Condemnation has been swift and strong on Twitter, advertisers are pulling out, and NBC execs are pondering what to do. "It's not unusual. We kind of know when we're doing controversial stories, that's going to happen. It doesn't stop us from doing controversial stories".

In a statement on Sunday rescinding Kelly's invite to host their gala, the Sandy Hook Promise nonprofit said it hoped she and NBC would reconsider and not broadcast the interview.

NBC declined to specify how many advertisers have withdrawn from the Sunday program, but a lot of them are ads bought from local NBC-owned stations, according to CNN.

As for the companies that have withdrawn, "they'll all be coming back, they've been clear about that", Lack said Tuesday.

Despite the beliefs of the chairman, advertisers, such as J.P. Morgan, have withdrawn from Sunday Night.

But consider this: Canceling the segment now would only feed into the paranoid legions who believe Jones' evil theories that, among other things, the Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax and 9/11 actually was manufactured by the USA government.

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And they're right. Every indication is that Kelly's interview would be just that - another way for Jones to promote what he does on Infowars radio and online, another way for him to legitimize his destructive and obscene lies. He presents an extreme right-wing view of the world and espouses baseless and offensive conspiracy theories. Topics such as 9/11 and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown shooting were brought up in the discussion. "Alex Jones is demonized because he has original thought", Infowars Owen Shroyer said in another segment about the Megyn Kelly interview, posted on Wednesday to Jones' YouTube channel. He said there's nothing new about putting people on the air even if they're unpopular or have views that are deplorable to many.

"Until you see the full program, in the full context, I wouldn't judge it too much", Liz Cole, the executive producer of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly", told CNNMoney. "The bottom line is that while it's not always popular, it's important".

"This is their big gamble, this is their big take Alex Jones down".

As a result, the 46-year-old TV host will no longer be hosting Sandy Hook benefit Promise Champions Gala in Washington D.C. on June 14. "Our goal in sitting down with him was to shine a light - as journalists are supposed to do - on this influential figure, and yes - to discuss the considerable falsehoods he has promoted with near impunity". The ratings for the second show of Sunday Night with Megan Kelly are out and Kelly's show lost half its audience from the premiere episode, in which she sat down with Vladimir Putin.

To some critics, NBC's timing in airing the Jones interview on Father's Day makes the decision worse.

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