Rallies against Islamic law draw counter-protests across US

Randolph Lopez
June 20, 2017

Barricades and a heavy police presence, including officers mounted on horses, separated about 60 anti-sharia demonstrators from an equal number of counter-protesters, majority in black face masks and hoods.

On the other side of the country, several dozen "anti-sharia" protesters gathered at Seattle's City Hall, according to The Associated Press.

Denise Zamora, a member of ACT and Latinos for Trump, said she and others chose to organize the event to denounce Sharia, which she considers to be at the root of Islamic terrorism.

Minnesota State Patrol officers arrested seven people outside on the Capitol lawn as attendees yelled at each other.

In Seattle, ACT supporters were outnumbered by counter-protesters at a rally that was moved from Portland, Oregon.

"I'm very concerned that there are places in the United States where's there's a push to have Shariah law implemented", said protester Howard Myers. Three times as many counter-protesters demonstrated outside.

He says the counter protests stand together against hate, injustice and bigotry. The anti-Muslim demonstrators derided the counter-protesters as out of touch elites.

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A trooper tried to detain this man, when trooper looked away people swarmed them & tried grabbing the man when confrontation escalated.

Southern Poverty Law Center and critics say that ACT for America is a "hate group" famously known for aggressively criticizing Islam and promoting a distorted, prejudiced view of the religion.

Counter-organizer Erin Westfall, 19, said Shariah Law is not a threat to America. But such efforts have failed to stymie concerns about Sharia laws among people and Muslims have seen a rise in both hostile dialogue and attacks.

The event organized by Act for America was held hundreds of feet away from the Inland Regional Center, where Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people during a Christmas party on December 2, 2015. Scuffles broke out on the approach to the Capitol and State Troopers took at least four people into custody.

Apparently concerned that the US is being overrun by Islamic religious fundamentalists, a right-wing lobbying group with close ties to the administration of US President Donald Trump is attempting to drum up support for their cause by staging marches in about two dozen cities across the country. Around 75 people chanting "Racists out!" confronted about 30 demonstrators holding signs that read "Ban Shaira" and "Sharia abuses women". Anti-Islamic law demonstrators marched past the building where the shootings occurred. Another rally was held nearby to counter the ACT for America rally.

"There's an anti-Trump, a pro-Trump, anti-extremists, so there are a variety of messages here", Hards said.

The organization said it opposes discrimination and supports the rights of those subject to Shariah.

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