Trump pushes back on claims that travel ban soon to expire

Wade Massey
June 21, 2017

Some critics of the travel ban have said that the policy's 90-day halt to visitors from Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Libya is due to expire in mid-June, even though the ban itself has never taken effect.

One of the nominees, according to The Washington Times, Colorado Supreme Court Justice Allison H Eid, is being earmarked by the President to fill a vacancy on the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals which opened up when Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed for the Supreme Court in April.

Legendary journalist Lyle Denniston is Constitution Daily's Supreme Court correspondent.

On Wednesday, Trump issued a presidential memorandum clarifying the expiration date of his revamped travel ban, which would have stopped nationals from six majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States for 90 days and paused the nation's refugee program for 120 days.

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State Attorney General Douglas Chin on Monday discussed the ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirming U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson's injunction blocking implementation of the Trump Administration's travel ban. The Fourth Circuit court based the decision on Trump's public record of statements indicating his order was motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment rather than national security concerns. Under that interpretation, the whole case would become moot before the Supreme Court had a chance to weigh in, leaving the Fourth and Ninth Circuit rulings to stand. The Ninth Circuit decision also notes that courts should avoid making decisions on constitutional grounds when there's an alternative basis for a ruling.

Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk. "Br.pdf">the DOJ's request (pdf), ordering the government to submit any final arguments by June 15. Respondents are directed to file a response on or before 12 p.m., Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

An entry on the Supreme Court docket said that the administration can file its new brief on Thursday.

An executive order can not be divorced from its intent, and if the motivation behind it wasn't sufficiently clear before, Trump's recent tweetstorm of complaints about the "politically correct" version of the travel ban the Justice Department crafted (at his behest) after the initial version was struck down confirms that his intent hasn't changed.

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