'Fake News' Hater Trump Decorates Golf Clubs With Fake Time Cover

Erica Roy
June 28, 2017

There was, in fact, no Time cover on the date stated on the front of that fake cover, March 1, 2009. In fact there was no Time Magazine published on March 1, 2009 at all, like shown on the cover which adorns his various golf clubs. Like any knock-off, if you look closely you can identify the subtle errors that reveal it as inauthentic: Its red border is thinner and unframed with white like a real Time cover always is. But Fahrenthold offers a theory on how Trump ended up with a Time cover - like a Little Leaguer ends up with his own baseball card. The real cover, from 2007, had the headline "The Global Warming Survival Guide".

James Poniewozik, who was Time's Television critic in 2009, also weighed in to let people know the cover was a fake.

"It is not a real TIME cover", a Time spokesperson confirmed to the Daily News. Its secondary headlines are crowded onto the right side instead of printed across the top and there is not one, but two exclamation points.

Mr Trump was criticised for a speech in January at the solemn setting of the Central Intelligence Agency memorial wall, in which he lambasted the media and boasted that he held the record for the number of Time magazine covers. Like a lot of Trump-related things, we might have to just embrace the mystery. He has claimed before that he has "the all-time record [of cover photos] in the history of Time magazine", which is, of course, not true. Remarkably, Trump managed to say something untrue in public every day for the first 40 days of his presidency, according to The New York Times.

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Representatives for the Trump Organization and the White House declined to comment. But the issue makes no mention of Trump.

He never warned us about fake magazines. Former President Richard Nixon, for example, has appeared on Time's cover 55 times. "So you tell me, which is more important, real estate or politics, okay?"

But that count was wrong.

The request came Tuesday after a Washington Post report found framed copies of Trump on the cover of Time displayed in at least five of Trump's clubs. He has been at the Post since 2000, and previously covered Congress, the federal bureaucracy, the environment, and the D.C. police.

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