ME won't provide voter information to Trump election commission

Dianna Christensen
July 4, 2017

Trump's national commission was formed to investigate allegations of USA election fraud.

Frosh also said he finds the request repugnant and it is an effort to indulge Trump's "fantasy" that he won the popular vote.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler will not turn over voter identification information as requested by President Donald Trump's voting commission.

Deploying sometimes colorful language, state officials have called the panel's request for data that includes voters' partial Social Security numbers inappropriate, and said they wouldn't comply or would only provide information that was already publicly available.

The head of the commission is the Secretary of State of Kansas, an official who has demanded that registered voters in that state provide their birth records and passports. Despite losing the popular nationwide vote, Trump's Electoral College victory put him into the Oval Office.

The president has never offered evidence to back up his claim.

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In Maryland, elections and voter registries are handled not by the secretary of state but by the board of elections. Overseas or military voters can also request a ballot be sent out of state ahead of an election, but that also wouldn't be noted on their registration information. Many political campaigns, for instance, obtain such information for purposes of advertising and door-knocking. The letter does not ask for private information, but rather public voter-roll information. He says they can't release any part of Social Security numbers under state law and SC doesn't have party affiliation data.

The lawyers said the requested disclosure is barred by law. Those states are California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia.

In Maryland, leading Democrats, including Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamentez and almost 50 members of the General Assembly, condemned the commission's work.

Gov. Henry McMaster tweeted several statements on the Election Integrity Commission's work so far.

Some of the data the Trump commission has requested is publicly available, but the president's commission will have to purchase it from Louisiana like political parties do if it wants to review it, according to Schedler's office. "For Republican election administrators, this is a federalism issue".

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