You Can Soon Customize Your Xbox One Home Screen

Alyssa Bailey
August 9, 2017

With the update, players can customize their Home screen on Xbox One, allowing you to choose what you see when you boot up your console. For some time now, Xbox gamers have been telling us that they'd like to be able to soundtrack their own gaming sessions using Spotify, to make every single session feel new and unique.

Announced on Xbox Wire today, Microsoft finally revealed Spotify for Xbox in full, following more than a few leaks, teases, and rumors. Just connect your Xbox One and the Spotify app on your other to the same Wi-Fi network, from there find "Devices Available" on your phone, tablet or laptop and select your Xbox One to control playback without exiting your game.

The app works with the free and premium versions of Spotify.

Browse playlists from different genres and moods.

Will you be first in line for the Xbox One X when it arrives on November 7? Switch on the console, go to the Xbox Store, and search for the Spotify app. This is very similar to the capabilities that Microsoft's own Groove Music app has on the Xbox One.

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The new dashboard looks to be much simpler adding content blocks akin to the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

With the launch of Spotify, Microsoft has gained a crucial feature previously exclusive to Sony's console.

Soundtracks are an integral part of the gaming experience that can significantly boost the level of immersion and overall enjoyment of a title.

The previous major Xbox One interface design sped things up for the console's OS and moved things around while adding some missing features, but it still was nonsensical in its design in where buttons are laid out and how many steps it can take to accomplish simple tasks.

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