PlayStation 4 Update Will Add 1080p60 Twitch Streaming

Alyssa Bailey
August 10, 2017

Eurogamer obtained a copy of the update's release notes and revealed some of the changes which will include changes to the console's account system and improved Twitch streaming on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Other top-line changes include an overhaul of your console's master/sub account system, the ability to follow any user, and the addition of notifications to the PS4's quick menu. Now, those that stream using the PS4 Pro, are getting a bit of a treat as the next firmware update unlocks 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch.

For instance now, instead of simply following well-known streamers or developers or YouTube personalities on their own Playstation accounts, a similar system to the Xbox One is being put in place where you can follow anyone that you want to. Right now, the only accounts you can follow are verified accounts, which are mostly made up by official game accounts, developers, and popular Youtubers.

Reported by Eurogamer, Sony's 5.0 update for the PS4 is going to be pretty thick with interesting changes that are focused on sharing content and building upon that community.

You will be able to choose if you only want existing friends or anybody to follow you. This means you don't have to fill up your friends list in order to get updates.

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Next, update 5.0 will give an expanded range of options for those who have "sub" or child accounts on their home console. In family-friendly fashion, primary accounts will be able to set parental controls, and there can be more than one adult/guardian account.

There will be a new web application to manage family accounts, and access parental controls/family membership options from your PC and smartphone. Requests can also be sent to adult accounts on other PS4s to join the same family.

The fourth feature Eurogamer highlight is to do with notifications, integrating them into the quick menu, so you don't need to head back out to the PDM to check what that plinging sound was all about. Download/upload statuses can also be checked here too.

There's no current timetable for firmware 5.0's release, but it should be available in the near future.

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