Officer buys his own eyepiece camera, records suspect shooting him

Randolph Lopez
August 12, 2017

A camera in Smith's glasses, which the officer purchased for himself on Amazon, captured the incident.

He manages to run back to his patrol vehicle and radio for help.

At about 11 a.m., Smith responded to a suspicious persons call at the Charles Party Shop along USA 321.

Orr keeps walking. "Come here!"

However, Orr did not heed Smith's command and kept walking away while he had his cell phone to his ear. His right hand is concealed in his jacket. Officer Smith was hit multiple times.

At least two of the eight rounds were fired while Smith was lying on the ground and another two were fired as Smith ran for cover.

The man looks over at Smith a second time but continues to walk down the road.

With the body-camera footage serving as evidence, a jury found Orr guilty of attempted murder and possession of a firearm in commission of a violent crime.

Smith is in bad shape as he reaches his patrol vehicle. A bullet also went through Smith's upper torso and was extracted from his back. Smith screamed. "My left arm is broken". His hands are slick with blood as he adjusts his radio frequency. Smith was hit four times. Help me please. I'm hurt pretty bad. It's "Waffles/Eggs" by the artist Trey Songz. "I've called 911, I've called 911, is there anything I can do for you?"

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After what seems like an eternity and much radio traffic with the dispatcher, during which a bystander comforts the officer, other cops and EMTs arrive at the scene.

And as Mr Tompkins assures him that he will stay by his side, Smith adds: 'I can barely breathe.

"Come here man", says Smith. Smith keys up his radio to give an update on his situation, alerting the dispatch team that he is bleeding from the neck.

"Dispatch, please tell my family I love them", he said.

Three minutes into the tape the sound of sirens can be heard.

A woman can be heard in the background screaming: "Quincy, you OK baby, Oh God Jesus". I've been shot in the neck'.

Then, the man quickly pulls a gun and starts firing at the officer.

One of the last images the upside down camera records is an inverted ambulance.

Smith is still recovering from his injuries and remains on medical leave, according to WJCL 22.

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