Russian aircraft creates buzz in Washington

Randolph Lopez
August 12, 2017

A Russian surveillance plane soared through secure airspace over Washington on Wednesday, presumably collecting intelligence as it traveled near the Pentagon, the Capitol and other government buildings, two USA officials said. The plane then appeared over Dayton, Ohio near Wright-Patterson Air Base, and back over Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

In addition to military and government buildings, Russian Federation took a flight over President Donald Trump's golf resort in Bedminster, N.J., where he is now on vacation.

The Open Skies Treaty has been in effect since 2002 and over 1,200 flights have been conducted since, which contributes to verification of compliance with arms control agreements, according to the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

In 2014, military newspaper Stars and Stripes reported on us military flights over Moscow and other parts of Russian Federation to take photos of military installations and equipment. On Wednesday, August 9, the Russian military flew a surveillance plane over the Pentagon as part of a routine flight allowed under an worldwide treaty.

In late July, a Russian spy plane was pictured flying a reconnaissance mission over one of Britain's top naval colleges, in another Open Skies flight.

United States Air Force personnel were on the flight and the aircraft is capable of a variety of intelligence gathering, one of the people said.

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'As per the treaty, we can not confirm any locations until after the mission is over.

According to the official, Russian Federation had given the mandatory 72-hour notice before the flight. He told the House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities past year that he would "love" to deny future Russian flights over the United States through Open Skies.

Thirty-four nations are signatories to the treaty.

The treaty, for instance, obligates each member to make all of its territory available for observation, yet officials said Russia has imposed restrictions on surveillance over Moscow and Chechnya and near Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two breakaway regions of Georgia now under Russian control.

The entire territory of a nation is fair game, although nations get advanced notice of flight plans. The treaty aims to promote transparency about military activities.

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