Questions Game of Thrones Needs to Address in the Season 7 Finale

Erica Roy
August 27, 2017

They're really useful. But then there's something else that needs to be considered: the magic of the Wall that had previously been conjured to stop wights and White Walkers from crossing it. Politics, loyalty and betrayal are all fair game when it comes to gaining, and maintaining control, of the throne.

"From here Bran gets stuck in the past (exactly as Brynden and Jojen warned him not to) and becomes the Night king".

Game of Thrones' Season 7 finale airs Sunday, Aug. 27 at 9/8c on HBO. Joramun was the King-Beyond-The-Wall who joined forces with the Stark King Of Winter to defeat the infamous Lord Commander known as the Night's King. While this seems ridiculous on the surface, it actually makes a lot of sense when you start diving into it.

One thing which fans have found particularly weird is the fact that the White Walkers, despite their name, have barely moved an inch for two seasons. In addition to being perplexed by the episode's wonky timeline and those seriously unusual conversations between Arya and Sansa, we also had to wonder how in the hell the Night King appeared to know that Daenerys's dragons would show up to aid Jon Snow. It released a mask that turns people into the Night King-the leader of the army of the dead and ice-cold slayer of dragons last episode-in their video selfies.

If when the dead finally get to the Wall we see a wight or White Walker touch it and explode, this is what we'll expect to happen. We saw during the Battle Of Castle Black that giants are strong enough to lift the heavy gates, and the Night King has at least three dead giants with him.

There are even fan theories that state the Night King is Bran through some trick of time travel and warging, but that whole thing seems far-fetched. and that's before noting that we see what we assume to be the creation of the Night King in the show, and the man killed to create the first White Walker doesn't look like Bran.

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The second version of this theory is much different, and involves Bran's actions in the future, rather than the past.

They'll walk around it on the frozen seas near Eastwatch.


In "Beyond the Wall", Beric Dondarrion suggests that killing the Night King should theoretically take down the entire army of the undead.

Our first hint to the Night King's Greenseeing proficiency is in S6E5 "The Door", when Bran has a vision of the Night King and his undead army; up until this point, Bran's presence has been near-imperceptible to those in his visions, even when shouting their names aloud, like he does to his father Ned Stark in a past vision of the Tower of Joy (S6E3 "Oathbreaker").

Now the question is: What will happen when the fire and ice dragons face off?

The Night's King left his post to be with someone who sounds like a White Walker woman, and the two reigned for 13 years from the Nightfort until they were stopped. Although, this season has been fond of doing just that, so this might be more plausible than we want.

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