Kenyan Supreme Court Invalidates President Uhuru's Reelection and Orders Fresh Polls

Randolph Lopez
September 4, 2017

Kenya's Supreme Court on Friday declared the August 8 presidential election null and void and ordered a repeat of similar exercise within 60 days.

The decision to annul the election was an unprecedented move in Africa where governments often hold sway over judges - and the first time on the continent that a court ruled against the electoral victory of an incumbent.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga's protests following the results of Kenya's August 8 presidential election sounded like the complaints of a sore loser.

Following the court ruling, Kenyatta will have to compete with veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga in a new round of election.

Odinga has called for the election commission to resign and for some officials to face criminal prosecution.

Chief Justice and President of Supreme Court David Maraga said the election where the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the victor had gross irregularities which affected the integrity of elections. Justice Maraga, cited "irregularities in the transmission of results" as the primary reasoning for the court's decision to declare it "invalid, null and void".

Reactions from supporters of the opposition leader have been generally triumphant following the court's ruling, and thankfully no outbreaks of political violence between them and Kenyatta's own have been reported. Human rights groups have said that police killed at least 24 people in unrest after the election.

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In his reaction after leaving the Supreme Court, Odinga said; "It is now clear that the entire edifice of the (election board) is rotten".

Unsurprisingly Mr Kenyatta was less enthusiastic, saying of the judges that "six people have decided they will go against the will of the people". And the European Observer Mission said that they had not observed any signs of "centralized or localized manipulation" of the vote.

The president is calling on Kenyans repeatedly to remain peaceful in a country where some elections have been followed by deadly violence.

He said that the decision of 45 million Kenyans can not be annulled by six people, referring to the Supreme Court judges. According to Kenya's Nation newspaper, the Nasa candidate who is 72 this year had earlier promised his opposition co-principals that it was the last time he was running for State House after previous three barren attempts. People on the ground before his decision we're adamant that they will not wake up to go to the polls again after doing it so recently.

The court therefore ordered a fresh presidential poll within 60 days.

But until the court's full ruling is released, it is unclear what the judgment is based on. Claims of vote rigging in the 2007 election prompted rioting.

But the opposition argued that the commission's IT system had been hacked to manipulate the results.

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