When does American Horror Story: Cult start?

Erica Roy
September 7, 2017

American Horror Story is back for a seventh season, and it's as satirically subtle as a blue-haired character smearing orange Cheeto dust on their face to celebrate Donald Trump winning the presidency. Familiar from his major role in American Horror Story: Freak Show, the complicated and deadly character played by John Carroll Lynch should be a major focus of the story. And following the first episode of the season, the buzz was warranted. Meanwhile, Sarah Paulson plays a Hillary supporter named Ally Mayfair-Richards, who is overcome with grief about Donald Trump's victory.

The real hint at Winter's possible dark side comes when she's babysitting Ally and Ivy's son, Oz. They get off to a great start, but then start to slide after around Halloween leading out to the rest of the season. Ally wails, "What's going to happen to Merrick Garland?"; the words "F- you, Nate Silver!" are yelled at some point. Actor Cheyenne Jackson plays her psychiatrist Dr. Rudy Vincent.

Evan Peters' character will be thrilled about Trump's win.

Ally lives with trypophobia, the disgust (and in her case fear) of small, closely connected holes. If the complete silence and bad fluorescent lighting weren't enough to freak her out, what happens next nearly kills her. Ally sees a bunch of clowns parading around the store, including two doing a lot more than PDA in the produce section.

As viewers try to figure out what she's talking about, Ally pulls Ivy aside and they stop walking. Lourd does a fantastic job of playing the world's worst child care provider, keeping her sinister sitter just grounded enough to stay scary rather than amusing. She ranked it in second place right below Asylum.

Cher is rumoured to be a part of new American Horror Story cast

Scariest of all, however? USA!" Back in her home, Ally yells, "Go to hell, Huffington Post! Ally talks about her partner Ivy and how she helped get her through all her issues. But since they live in MI and Ally voted for Jill Stein, she has no one but herself to blame. Paulson's Ally is a cartoonish liberal snowflake, beset by phobias and paranoia; Peters' Kai is a dead-eyed, wannabe demagogue. The dynamic between Kai and Winter will be a thriller to watch, as it's not quite clear what their relationship entails. They're not backing away from crossing over with reality with the new season, though, which means the show that flipped the rules on horror is mixing them all up again - and things are about to get pretty real for a fictional show. Oh, and yet another clown is haunting her.

Oz then looks out the window and sees a bunch of clowns come out of an ice cream truck wielding crow bars and knives. Or, at the very least, has concocted a violent end for the couple he only thinks he witnessed being murdered, if his new babysitter Winter is to be believed. But according to her, it was all in his imagination. Primarily, the clown to fear the most is Twisty the Clown.

What are your personal American Horror Story: Cult ratings expectations?

While we won't be able to rank Cult until after the season finale, our critic covering the show, Kayla Cobb, has seen the first three episodes and absolutely loves it. Remember when the end of Coven had Cordelia being interviewed by a major news network with a headline about Liza Minelli's hip at the bottom?

For all the explicit (and sort of unhinged) political commentary, there are also glimmers of a more nuanced - though still easy to spot - critique on the outcome of the 2016 election.

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