Trump Says He Will Visit Florida "Soon"

Randolph Lopez
September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma made its second landfall on Marco Island on the southwest Florida coast this afternoon with 115 miles per hour winds after battering the Florida Keys earlier today.

United States President Donald Trump's Cabinet met on Saturday at Camp David to discuss their preparations for Hurricane Irma, as the category-three storm is sweeping toward Florida.

It now remains to be seen how Trump and his administration, who not only dismantled the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) but also rolled back many checks on corporate actions put in place by predecessor Barack Obama, deal with the havoc wrought by Hurricane Irma. He thanked FEMA and the Homeland Security Department, which oversees the agency, for their efforts.

Pence said Trump, who was returning to the White House later Sunday, has been tracking the storm "24/7". "Heed the advice of @FLGovScott!" wrote Trump.

"Clearly the briefing that we received at Camp David this morning caused the president to have great concern for the impact of this storm moving up the west coast and the potential through heavy winds and storm surge to compromise cities and compromise lives", Vice President Mike Pence told reporters.

"I think now with what's happened with the hurricane, I'm going to ask for it to speed up", he said.

Waves crash over a seawall at the mouth of the Miami River from Biscayne Bay Fla
Waves crash over a seawall at the mouth of the Miami River from Biscayne Bay Fla

"My administration is monitoring the situation around the clock, and we're in constant communications with all of the governors, with the state and local officials", Trump said in a video of the meeting released by the White House.

Trump sided with Democrats this week to raise the USA borrowing limit and keep the government operating through early December in a bid to speed federal assistance to hurricane victims.

In addition to overhauling the tax code, the president also wants new spending to upgrade roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

"It's a really bad one, but we are prepared at the highest level", the President said as he left the White House. "And government officials, I know you're working so hard, you'll never work like this, and I appreciate also your bravery".

Pence and the Cabinet secretaries later visited FEMA headquarters.

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