Trump Commission Meeting to Restrict YOUR Voting Rights — HAPPENING NOW

Randolph Lopez
September 15, 2017

In November, President Donald Trump claimed "serious voter fraud" in New Hampshire.

But Kobach was greeted with a tongue-lashing from New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner - the nation's longest-serving elections official.

Von Spakovsky, who is also a member of the commission, made it his life's work to suppress voting rights, particularly the rights of people of color.

Many who spoke with Eyewitness News accuse Republican leaders of trying to silence the votes of some American citizens. "The system must be improved, and it's easy to do it", said J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and one of the members of the voter commission. Opponents have characterized the proposals as acts of clandestine voter suppression. By all appearances, the Republican president, annoyed about losing the popular vote and comforted by odd conspiracy theories, created a panel to root out the voter fraud scourge that exists only in conservatives' imaginations.

The right to vote is a critical principle of our democracy. "We don't get anywhere if you refuse to talk to people who you might disagree with".

"But it is legal in New Hampshire for you to have a MA driver's license, and have MA plates on your cars, and pay out-of-state tuition to the university, and still be eligible to vote because you are domiciled in New Hampshire, meaning you spend most of your nights here", he said.

King was at a technology conference for probate judges in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Tuesday. "It's clear my thinking is different than others on the commission", he said.

The specter of "voter fraud" has served as the Republican boogeyman for any election result that the party simply doesn't like.

The freedom to vote is a fundamental American right. "The NICS system is close to what we care about when deciding if people can vote".

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Despite all of this, The Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog found no unusual turnout surges in 2016 that might be explained by buses from MA, and Former New Hampshire GOP chair Fergus Cullen dismissed the claim, calling it as old as buses themselves in an interview with USA Today. "States do not have money". During the Obama Administration, the Justice Department, under Eric Holder and then Loretta Lynch, got courts to limit some of the worst voter-suppression efforts, especially those in Texas and North Carolina.

One man's mother, who was in a "memory care" ward of a nursing home and deemed too incapacitated to vote, somehow still managed to have a ballot cast in her name in Florida. Kobach believes, as Trump does, that millions voters are casting ballots illegally and is on a rampage to crack down by cancelling voter registrations nationwide.

- Reaffirm and enact legislation that sets out that each individual state is responsible for conducting their elections. It could be taking a hard look at how to encourage states to explore virtually hack-proof vote-by-mail systems like the one OR uses.

- Enact federal legislation that any candidate or person cooperating with a foreign government, in connection with an US election, be prosecuted for treason.

Dunlap dismissed the idea, calling it a "sterling example of the laws of unintended consequences" that would widen the mission of the background check database, which he said was never meant to be used as an election tool. After all, he reasoned, New Hampshire is surrounded by states that lean Democratic, so these alleged fraudulent voters likely backed Ms. Hassan. Some states have refused to share voter information. Alabama has agreed to comply, but without voter identification such as social security and other personal voter information.

- Engage independent "hacking" experts and have them report to the commission.

- Focus every available American resource on the alleged Russian hacking of the 2016 election.

That's a problem, the panel's critics say, because the day's lineup appears created to fuel many commission members' desire for restrictive voting laws - including voter identification requirements, strict limitations on same-day voter registration and more. "The reality is that people move, and the post office only forwards mail for a limited number of months".

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