Xiaomi Mi 7 is likely to feature wireless charging support

Alyssa Bailey
September 23, 2017

Rivals like Samsung and LG have already offered wireless charging solutions in flagships, and Apple's entry only makes the tech mandatory to compete effectively. In case you forgot, or never got the memo in the first place, IKEA has been selling a wide range of its consistently affordable furniture with built-in wireless charging for a good couple of years now. Although Xiaomi has not released any official statement, the consortium lists it as a member.

After Apple launched its latest iPhone 8 series and iPhone X this month, a lot of features have the potential to go mainstream. The Mi 5 and Mi 6 both sport a glass back, so including wireless charging in there should not be a problem for Xiaomi, as long as the company intends to stick to the glass back, instead of switching to metal. Nearly all major global smartphone makers including Nokia, Google, Samsung, LG and Apple are part of this consortium. Wireless charging in flagship smartphones is now becoming a standard feature. Maybe Xiaomi wanted to keep this feature for its 2018 handsets, or it simply couldn't integrate the wireless charging support into its smartphone in time. It's no secret the company's next flagship is going to be Mi 7 since it recently launched Mi Mix 2.

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In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi Mi 7 may be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor (unannounced) along with two RAM variants i.e. 6GB and 8GB RAM.

Known for innovating by employing technology and features other companies have had in use for years and treating them as Brand Fucking New, Apple is now rolling out wireless charging on its new line of iPhones. All the three iPhones have a glass back to enable the wireless charging capability.

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