Samsung's new VR toy goes on sale

Alan Olson
October 7, 2017

Today, Samsung launches its own stand-alone version of new VR headset (Samsung HMD Odyssey VR) which works as a stand-alone device.

On the more upbeat side is market research firm SuperData.

While Microsoft has made much of the confusing Mixed Reality claims, their marketing rightly emphasises the actual advantage their headsets have - easy setup and usage via inside-out tracking, which solves some of the practical pain points plaguing in other VR headsets. While VR headset adoption rate is still quite slow Samsung wants to offer the best and latest of the technology when users actually start getting the hang of it.

Less positive is IHS Markit.

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Many Mixed Reality headsets are releasing on October 17th alongside the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which was originally expected to contain more for the platform but has since focused on bug fixes and privacy updates.

Steam support is essential for the Mixed Reality platform to succeed, as many VR titles are housed on the platform. Are you excited at the prospect of Mixed Reality?

This acquisition is a substantial initiative by the Windows and Xbox Company to create hardware and software around its highly famous operating system. When talking to developer audiences, emphasizing this depth and variety and encouraging them to think of the full range of scenarios makes a lot of sense. The app's primary trademark was its virtual online events, which featured standup comedy and talks with celebrities such as Reggie Watts, Al Roker, and Bill Nye. Augmented reality, or AR, projects digital images into real-life scenes usually viewed through a camera lens. All Windows Mixed Reality headsets coming this holiday are now available for pre-order.

Llamas, however, warned that Microsoft's unusual Windows Mixed Reality nomenclature may leave consumers disillusioned and confused, leading to a later backlash.

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