Hundreds of thousands march in Barcelona against Catalan independence

Randolph Lopez
October 10, 2017

This "legal position" establishes the principle according to which a State born out of secession within the EU would not automatically be considered as part of the Union.

Instead of immediately declaring independence after an outlawed referendum on October 1, Puigdemont has played for time by saying he is open to negotiations or mediation.

Nathalie Loiseau, France's minister for European affairs, warned on Monday that "if there were a declaration of independence it would be unilateral and it wouldn't be recognised".

Republican Catalan Left (Esquerra, ERC) MP Joan Tardà tweeted: "Yes, Pablo Casado, we know how our President Companys ended up, shot by the army".

Spanish bonds today fell to a one-week low as markets priced in heightened hopes that Catalonia will backtrack on declaring independence from Spain. It is home to 7.5 million people and accounts for about a fifth of Spain's economy.

Media reports suggest that during this hearing, independence may be unilaterally declared by the Catalan authorities.

However, due to reforms pushed through the Catalan parliament shortly before the plebiscite, Puigdemont has argued that he is required to make a declaration of independence, regardless of the views of the Spanish Government or constitutional court.

Any independence declaration will be rejected by the Spanish government and courts, and by many people even in Catalonia, which polls shows to be nearly evenly divided on secession. In response to the vote, Spanish riot police shut down polling stations and beat protesters, leaving nearly 900 people injured.

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On Tuesday, Catalan parliamentarians are expected to discuss the results of the referendum.

Puigdemont may push for a unilateral declaration of independence in defiance of Madrid.

At Sunday's rally, demonstrators cheered and applauded when a national police helicopter flew over and some people shook the hands of national police officers to thank them for their efforts to stop the referendum.

Douglas Chapman MP, who presented the Catalan motion to the conference on Monday afternoon, told BuzzFeed News: "The decision is for the people of Catalonia [but I] would support their right to self determination and independence if that's what they choose to do".

Regional polls by the region's survey agencies indicate that more than a third of Catalans are supportive of an independent Catalonia.

"There is a very large portion of Catalans who do not want the coup d'etat that is being promoted by the government, and that, on the contrary, think that Spain and Catalonia are united by five centuries of history and that nothing will be able to separate them", Vargas Llosa said.

Despite the outrage, Rajoy and Spanish King Felipe VI defended the police and doubled down on their stance to take whatever measures necessary to keep Catalonia from seceding.

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