Hamas says reached deal with Palestinian rival Fatah

Randolph Lopez
October 13, 2017

"The two sides agreed in principle to allow the legitimate Palestinian government to return to Gaza in accordance with [Palestinian] law", Azzam al-Ahmad, who led Fatah's delegation to the Cairo talks, declared at a Thursday press conference.

Ismail Haniyeh said in a statement that details would be announced in Cairo later on Thursday.

"As long as Hamas remains armed and as long as it calls for the destruction of Israel, Israel will consider Hamas responsible for any terror attack originating from Gaza", the official said.

"Israel will study the developments on the ground and will act accordingly", the official said on condition of anonymity.

"Israel and the global community should insist that the Palestinian unity government accept the conditions of the Quartet and Security Council Resolution 1850: recognition of Israel, a commitment to the two-state solution, and the cessation of terror and incitement", a statement from Peretz's office said.

Fatah officials said the two sides agreed that the Palestinian Authority would take over responsibility for Gaza's border crossings no later than November 1 and that full governing responsibilities would be handed over to the Palestinian Authority by the beginning of December. Another committee would merge 3,000 Palestinian Authority loyalists into Gaza's Hamas-run police force.

According to the text of the agreement signed by both parties, Egypt mediated the deal in order to "achieve Palestinian unity in order to. establish an independent Palestinian state" in Gaza and the Israel-occupied West Bank.

The crossing with Egypt may require more time for the handover, with construction work now underway there. Abbas has said he would not take over Gaza until Hamas gave up its weapons.

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"All the measures taken recently will end very shortly", Zakaria al-Agha, a senior Fatah leader in the Gaza Strip, told AFP.

The two sides had been meeting in the Egyptian capital this week with the aim of ending a crippling decadeold split between the two sides.

Egypt has been keen to improve security in the Sinai Peninsula which borders Gaza and where jihadist rebels have fought a long-running insurgency.

Hamas suggested in a new political manifesto earlier this year that it might consider a state in pre-1967 lines as an interim option, but also endorses an Islamic state in historic Palestine, including what is now Israel.

Egypt has also agreed to provide fuel to the Gaza Strip for electricity generation.

Repeated reconciliation attempts have failed since 2007. "Unity and national reconciliation among the Palestinian people are our strategic option for moving forward".

A major sticking point has been the Hamas military wing and its arsenal, which Hamas has said is not up for discussion.

Ahead of the negotiations in Cairo, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu warned against "fake reconciliations" and stated once again that Israel demands the demilitarization of Hamas.

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