Hollywood speaks out on James Toback allegations

Randolph Lopez
October 24, 2017

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker James Toback has been accused of sexual harassment by over 30 women.

Toback, of 72 years and nominated for an Oscar by script of Bugsy (1991), allegedly harassed women who had hired, who were looking for work or who had approached in street, according to information of newspaper.

The women's stories of their alleged encounters with Toback follow a common outline: Toback would approach a young woman, introduce himself as a film director, and say she was flawless for the project he was working on. He would then proceed to inappropriate sexual behaviour in front of them, the report said.

Following the bombshell reports and accusations about producer Harvey Weinstein's abuse and harassment of women throughout his career, stories have come out on nearly a daily basis about men and women who have faced sexual harassment or abuse over the course of their time in Hollywood.

Contacted by the Los Angeles Times, James Toback has denied these accusations, ensuring never having met these women, or " for five minutes, and without having any memory of it ".

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As you may already know, sexual harassment, intimidation, coercion, assault, and rape have become pertinent issues in the Hollywood scene ever since the New York Times, and The New Yorker published their exposés regarding over thirty years of egregious misconduct perpetrated by Harvey Weinstein. "The way he presented it, it was like, "This is how things are done", actress Adrienne LaValley said of a 2008 hotel room encounter that ended with Toback trying to rub his crotch against her leg. "Going to his apartment has been the source of shame for the past 30 years, that I allowed myself to be so gullible". "But the women I talked to who DID go someplace private with Toback, told stories that were worse than the women only accosted on the street". He essentially goes up to women and says, 'Hey, I'm James Toback, and I'm a famous director, and I feel like there's a connection between us.' Then he shows them some article on himself or some other artifact to prove he is who he is, and tries to get them to go somewhere else with him.

Much like Weinstein, Toback would allegedly lure young women to rooms under the pretense of talking business.

McGowan also tweeted about the allegations against Toback, saying: "James Toback damn you for stealing, damn you for traumatizing".

"And the frightful thing is, whichever road you choose, whether you sleep with him or walk away, you're still broken, You have been violated", added Rinaldi. Over several dinners, he asked her personal questions about her sex life, even though it made her uncomfortable. That same libidinous request is repeated in accounts of or alleged victims.

Toback, however, had nowhere near the influence that Weinstein did.

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