Microsoft announces significant extension of its Redmond campus

Alyssa Bailey
November 30, 2017

Microsoft plans to break ground on the expansion project next fall and the 18 new buildings will include 6.7 million square feet of renovated workspaces. Microsoft's Redmond campus, which opened in 1986, now totals 15 million square feet in 125 buildings.

The company already was renovating some buildings on campus to add open work spaces, gathering places and small conference rooms - in line with the communal working spaces now seen at many tech companies.

The campus remodel will be built for pedestrians and bikes with all cars in an underground parking facility.

The new construction will add about 2.5 million sq. feet (0,23 sq. kms) of new space that will allow the company to bring 8,000 new employees on campus (the current campus occupies about 15 million sq. feet, or 1.39 sq. kms, and hosts over 47,000 employees).

Microsoft's office is getting a makeover. The campus revamp promises more natural light and a setting to "foster the type of creativity that will lead to ongoing innovation" writes Microsoft.

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A two-acre open plaza, for example, will accommodate up to 12,000 people and sounds ideal for social gatherings, concerts and the like.

The extension of Microsoft's Redmond campus is a reflection of the company's recent growth, and it also follows other redevelopment projects at Microsoft's offices in Vancouver BC and London. The project would take about five and seven years to complete. Microsoft says it will help in the design of energy-smart buildings.

Microsoft did not disclose how much total they are spending on the expansion.

The company also secured a zoning change past year that allows it to construct some buildings on the east side of its campus up to 10 stories tall, but it said it has no plans for that height now. However, with the new buildings, the company plans to take a different approach. It will be the company's biggest physical expansion in more than a decade. It will all connect seamlessly with the Redmond Technology Transit Station, which will ferry passengers by light rail to downtown Bellevue and Seattle.

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