Google's new Datally app helps you track and conserve your mobile data

Alyssa Bailey
December 1, 2017

Today Google announced Datally, a smart and simple Android app that helps smartphone users understand, control, and save mobile data. The app also has a toggle to help users automatically save data when they're not using WiFi. Once you enter that scenario you will need a tool on your Android smartphone to monitor your data usage, one that not only gives your data analytics but also gives you granular control over data being consumed by background apps.

But it is good for users who are on limited data plan, and as soon as they connect to the Wi-Fi network, the app notifications will get refreshed, thus help them save on mobile data.

When it was being tested in the Philippines, we saw carrier integrations that would allow users to install specific apps and earn data.

Some of those features are already available for Android phones, but Google, which trademarked the name a year ago, has chose to compile them into one easy-to-access location.

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Many of these features are available in the settings of android phones already, but the app is created to be more user-friendly. The app has been dubbed as Datally and is now available through the Play Store. The app install size is 4.8MB and once you install the app it asks for a number of requisite permissions. YouTube Go is a data conserving app of YouTube that allows downloading videos for offline use.

Datally is the most recent initiative by the Google Next Billion Users division. It lets you individually restrict apps from accessing your mobile data, and also activate a "Data Saver" mode which restricts a list of apps entirely.

While Google hopes that Datally will help Android users save data when using mobile data connections, it is not a compression or proxy type of solution. There is a chat bubble as well that pops up to notify when an app connected to the internet is active and how much data it is draining.

Despite the advent of 4G LTE, mobile data continues to be an expensive and unreliable proposition in many parts of the world. It can also find nearby free Wi-Fi for you to use. As for iPhone users, don't expect Google to release a version of this app on iOS anytime soon.

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