Most Crimes Against Dalits Are Against SC Women

Randolph Lopez
December 2, 2017

Delhi reported the highest crime rate under the IPC crimes followed by Kerala and Madhya Pradesh, the report said, adding a total of 37,37,870 persons were arrested, 32,71,262 chargesheeted, 7,94,616 convicted and 11,48,824 were acquitted in 2016.

Uttar Pradesh was the state where maximum number of crimes took place in 2016, while Delhi reported the highest crime rate, latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report said on Thursday.

Giving a reason for the correction, the NCRB report has said: "The reported cases under SLL of the states like Motor Vehicle Act (Challans), Gunda Act, Local Police Act, Section 106 to 110 of Cr.P.C. have been excluded from "Other SLL Crimes" from 2014 onwards, as either FIRs are not registered in above cases or if registered, same are not sent to judicial magistrate". Cases under Crime Against Women reported an increase of 2.9 percent in 2016 over 2015. Mumbai also ranked second in cases of kidnapping and abduction of children, with 5,457 cases in Delhi and 1,864 cases in Mumbai.

Delhi accounted for highest crime rate 974.9 under IPC crimes followed by Kerala 727.6 and Madhya Pradesh 337.9 against national average of 233.6.

According to the data, the IPC crimes have increased by 0.9 per cent (from 29,49,400 in 2015 to 29,75,711 in 2016) while SLL crimes increased by 5.4 per cent (from 17,61,276 in 2015 to 18,55,804 in 2016). Bengaluru topped the list for cyber crimes for the last two years.

Murder decreased by 5.2 per cent (from 32,127 cases in 2015 to 30,450 in 2016), rioting 5 per cent (from 65,255 cases in 2015 to 61,974 in 2016 ), dacoity 4.5 per cent (from 3,972 cases in 2015 to 3,795 in 2016) and robbery 11.8 per cent (from 36,188 cases in 2015 to 31,906 in 2016).

Chandigarh worst in India in crime against elderly: NCRB

Total 84,746 cases of assault on women with intent to outrage modesty were reported in 2016.

The overall crime rate saw an increase, with 4,30,866 cases last year, against 4,23,179 in the previous year. Mumbai came in second, with 5,128 cases reported. The numbers of cities followed a similar patter, with Lucknow reporting the highest number of atrocities reported among the 19 metropolitan cities, and Patna and Jaipur following. A total of 1,06,900 ammunition was seized during 2016.

However, a total of 15,379 persons were trafficked during the year including 58.7% children.

In the city of Delhi - which also reported the highest number of crimes against women among the 19 metropolitan cities - 13,803 crimes against women were reported in 2016.

Delhi topped the list with 7,392 cases, followed by Mumbai and then Bengaluru.

Incidentally, Delhi also reported the maximum number of cases of heinous crimes such as murder, kidnapping, abduction, and economic offences.

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