Netflix picks up new Sabrina the Teenage Witch series

Erica Roy
December 2, 2017

While most of us know Sabrina the Teenage Witch best from her long-running live action sitcom, in which she was played by Melissa Joan Hart, the character originated in Archie comics. Originally developed at the CW, the new Sabrina show has moved to Netflix where viewers can marathon all of the episodes at once. TV, with Aguirre-Sacasa, who penned the Riverdale pilot, and Lee Toland Krieger, who directed it, reprising their roles on the Sabrina pilot episode. Immediately, Sabrina helps add content in the teen drama demographic, which is a popular area among Netflix fans.

The new show will be based on "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" comic, featuring a dark drama/horror tone.

Sabrina's acquisition sheds light on Netflix's plan for the future: comic book adaptations.

After Netflix saw how people responded to Stranger Things' second season by making even more memes than the first, and presumably saw how much people talk about Riverdale weekly, why not shoot for the next big thing?

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Word is, likely based on the success of Riverdale on Netflix, the streaming platform gave producing studio Warner Bros. Instead, it is envisioned as a "dark coming-of-age story", with Sabrina Spellman battling evil forces while also trying to be a normal half-human / half-witch teenager.

It's unclear how the Sabrina series will relate to Riverdale now that it will be on a different network, but it still has the same creative team behind it. Crossovers, however, would seem more unlikely now. Afterlife with Archie was a gore-filled story about what happened after Jughead begged Sabrina to raise his dog from the dead: a zombie plague unleashed on Riverdale.

Netflix is bringing Sabrina the Teenage Witch back to television, but with a "chilling" twist.

The character of Sabrina has been the focus of discussion since Riverdale's inception, when Aguirre-Sacasa indicated a strong desire to see the teenage witch show up in town and then ultimately lead her own series. Berlanti Productions will produce in association with Warner Bros. TV.

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