N.Korea: Kim visits missile truck tire factory

Randolph Lopez
December 4, 2017

North Korea has said it will detect even the slightest movement by the brigade and launch retaliatory operations.

"North Korea's continued missile launch and violation of the armistice pose a serious threat to the peninsula and the global peace".

From the USA side, White House national security adviser HR McMaster told a conference in California on Saturday that the chances for war on the Korean Peninsula grow daily.

The potential for war is increasing every day but armed conflict is not the only solution, he told a defence forum.

With every missile launch or nuclear test, Kim has improved his country's capabilities, McMaster said.

The two countries are set to begin their largest ever co-operative air exercise - dubbed Vigilant Ace - on Monday, with 230 aircraft, including F-22 Raptor stealth jet fighters, ready to take flight.

About 12,000 USA personnel and 230 aircraft will take part in the drill.

A South Korean defense official confirmed to CNN on Sunday that the United States is sending dozens of high-end fighters, bombers and support aircraft to the drills. -South Korea air exercise, with Pyongyang calling it an "all-out provocation" that could lead to nuclear conflict as a US lawmaker warned of a growing likelihood of "preemptive war" on the divided peninsula.

These aircraft will stay in South Korea for the week.

The missile is said to have flown almost 2,800 miles high and for a distance of more than 600 miles.

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North Korea has repeatedly rejected accusations of human rights abuses and blames sanctions for a dire humanitarian situation.

"Our initial analysis of the photos showed that there were clear differences between the Hwasong-15 and Hwasong-14 in terms of the looks of the warhead, the joint of the first and second stages of the missile, and overall size", Roh told a briefing on Thursday.

"It is an open, all-out provocation against the DPRK, which may lead to a nuclear war any moment", it said in an editorial Sunday, using the North's official name.

But it also put up bravado over the presence of the F-22s and F-35s.

The North says the Hwasong-15 missile can be tipped with a "super-large heavy warhead" capable of striking the whole USA mainland.

A U.S. official said Saturday technical analysis of that missile's flight is ongoing but the "the North Koreans had problems with re-entry".

Still, the ability of the new missile to fly higher and longer than others in the past signals North Korea's intent to develop weapons capable of attacking the US.

A solid-fuel system for an ICBM would be a significant development and could allow the North Koreans to transport and launch a missile more quickly, compared to a liquid-fuel system that requires lengthy preparation.

Western analysts said it is more likely the truck was one of about half a dozen vehicles obtained years ago from China, which North Korea has modified since then.

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