Trump Jr. invents fake 'privilege' to justify stonewalling Congress

Randolph Lopez
December 8, 2017

Trump Jr. met with members of the House intelligence committee from 10 a.m. until 5:55 p.m. on Wednesday, though the panel took breaks for votes during the day.

Rep. Adam SchiffAdam Bennett SchiffTrump Jr. set for high-stakes interview with House intel panel Comey back in the spotlight after Flynn makes a deal Schiff: Flynn plea "very significant" MORE (D-Calif.) is challenging Trump Jr.'s reasoning, saying Trump Jr. can not apply attorney-client privilege and "shield" lawmakers from this conversation between father and son just because an attorney was present in the room.

Trump Jr. told the committee that he did not speak to the president directly in July 2017 as the New York Times prepared to report his meeting with the Russian lawyer for the first time.

Trump Jr.'s appearance on Wednesday came amid mounting criticism of the Russian Federation probes by some of his father's fellow Republicans in Congress, who accuse investigators of bias against Trump.

It is also very convenient for Trump Jr. because the questions surrounding who knew what and when about the June 9 meeting are a central part of the investigation into collusion between the campaign and Russian Federation.

Donald Trump Jr. had agreed to the meeting after receiving an email stating that a Russian government lawyer would provide incriminating facts about Mrs. Clinton as "part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump". Initially, of course, the Trump White House and Trump Jr. claimed that the meeting was about the sanctions imposed by the so-called Magnisky Act and the issue of the adoption of Russian babies by American citizens, which was in limbo in wake of the sanctions imposed after Russia's annexation of the Crimean region of Ukraine.

His remarks come after Trump Jr. appeared voluntarily before the House Intelligence Committee for a grueling closed-door interview that lasted eight hours while the panel peppered the president's eldest son with questions about his Russian contacts.

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And Republican Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley said he was asking the FBI for documents relating to the activities of FBI agent Peter Strzok after reports the agent had shown political bias while handling matters in both the Clinton and Trump investigations. During that meeting, the lawyer in question recently stated that Trump Jr. offered a quid pro quo in exchange for damaging information about Clinton.

Trump Jr. had gone into the meeting expecting to receive information on Hillary Clinton that would contribute to his father's election victory.

Committee Democrats subsequently questioned the legitimacy of Trump Jr.'s privilege claim and raised the possibility of seeking a subpoena to compel him to answer.

In an email, Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe said he also found Trump Jr.'s invocation of attorney-client privilege to be "ridiculous".

Veselnitskaya denies ever having such information and wrote in the letter released this week that Trump Jr. misunderstood the objective of the meeting because of Goldstone's "roguish letters" setting it up.

Other lawmakers, Republicans as well as Democrats, say the goal of their investigation is to guarantee the integrity of US elections, not to target Trump and his associates. Schiff says he doesn't believe attorney-client privilege protected the conversation.

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