You will now see "Recommended" posts in your main Instagram feed

Dianna Christensen
December 31, 2017

Instagram explained that the "recommended for you" section is now being rolled out to all iOS and Android users.

This new section, entitled "Recommend for You", was spotted while in testing earlier this month, according to Tech Crunch. However, it was a little bit hard to access it. Users had to go to the Explore section to see recommended posts and videos.

If you want your followers to participate actively on your Instagram posts, start creating contests where you ask your followers to do a few easy steps to participate in the contest, that will not only make your profile famous, but you can also gain followers on Instagram fast. Posts related to followed hashtags will appear in users' feed algorithmically, based on factors including recency and quality.

The change is already causing controversy, with some Instagram users taking to Twitter to vent their anger.

New Instagram test adds posts your friends like into your feed

"The new section, "recommended for you", is clearly labelled so as not to be confused with your own home feed". They'll see things from their wider network, too - not entirely different from Facebook's new Explore feed, in fact. But you can also use it to discover new accounts that you can actually follow.

The latest feature is considered a major change since the platform abandoned chronological feed in favour of Facebook-like algorithm-based one or introduced advertisements. But under the new system the posts will show up in normal feed. The company hopes the tweak will help to drive engagement with the Instagram app, which of course would then allow it to charge top dollar to advertisers aiming to sell their products to as many users as possible. For the hashtags, you can easily opt in and out voluntarily.

Instagram revealed that the new feature will not get in the way of accounts you specifically follow and will instead reveal itself when you've seen all the posts on offer on your feed from people you follow. IM LOOKING AT YOU, @instagram! clear up my feed.

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