CES 2018: LG showcases 88-inches OLED display with an 8K resolution

Alan Olson
January 2, 2018

This would make it the highest resolution screen at that size in the world, which is saying something.

While that's not the largest television you can buy, the upgrade to LG's (now paltry-looking) 77-inch 4K display is the first big OLED display with more than 33 million pixels to play with-perfect for all the 8K content you can access, which is none.

CES 2018 is just days away and that must be why LG is kicking its publicity efforts into high gear with some genuinely jaw-dropping new technology like their latest experimental 8K OLED TV. When it comes to talking about specifications regarding the product, there is not much to know about it. Now you might be wondering that we already have larger displays in the market, what is so special about this display?

In a statement, In-Byung Kang, executive vice president and chief technology officer at LG Display, said: "The successful development of the world's first 8K OLED display is a milestone for the 8K era and underscores the exciting potential of OLED".

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However, the 8K OLED TV will not be hitting stores anytime soon, as the company is expected wait it out for 8K resolution content to enter the mainstream market. LG has not revealed any other specifications for this display other than 8K resolution.

Upcoming CES would witness the showcasing of massive 88-inch OLED TV from the South Korean manufacturers. The 88-in surpasses the current largest OLED screen by 11-in and massively ups its resolution to 7680 x 4320.

With over 33 million pixels at their disposal, the TV would certainly provide users with plenty of resolution to enjoy. And of course, it'll be even longer before they're somewhat affordable, and longer still before 8K content is readily available.

The biggest drawback for LG's television-aside from needing to carve out a huge section of your living room for it-is likely to be the set's price. LG's 77-inch TV costs a whopping $20,000.

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