Prabhu Ramamoorthy Indian accused of harassing Sleeping woman on US Plane

Randolph Lopez
January 5, 2018

A 34-year-old Indian man on board a USA flight was arrested by federal authorities in MI after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her while she was asleep.

Prabhu Ramamoorthy an Indian national has been living in the US on the temporary visa and he was caught abusing a 22-year-old girl sitting next to him.

The victim told investigators that she woke up to discover the fellow passenger shoving his fingers inside her trousers and "vigorously moving them", according to a federal criminal complaint.

Federal prosecutors allege the man accused of sexually abusing a sleeping woman aboard a Detroit-bound flight attacked her while his wife sat in the next seat.

The teenager - an unaccompanied minor on braces because of foot damage - had told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that a 45-year-old pilot grasped her butt, touched her internal thigh and halfway inclined toward her as she was dozing in her seat by the window, the Free Press detailed at the time. The victim told the investigating officials that she woke up to find Ramamoorthy's hand inside her trousers and he reportedly stopped after the victim woke up, reported Times Now.

Since he isn't a U.S. subject, Ramamoorthy could ask for the legislature to inform his nation of origin to help him with legitimate portrayal and to contact family, lawyer Amanda Jawad of the U.S. Lawyer's Office said in court Wednesday.

He also said he unzipped her trousers and tried to digitally penetrate her but failed, according to the complaint.

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Responding to the situation, the attendants offered the woman a different seat and kept her in the back of the plane.

Prabhu was arrested when the plane landed.

According to a written statement by Prabhu, he had taken a pill ("plain Tylenol") and fallen into deep sleep. He rubbished the victim's claims, saying he had learnt from his wife that the woman was 'sleeping on his knees'.

He ordered Ramamoorthy to be held pending trial following the prosecutor's argument that Ramamoorthy was a flight risk and a potential danger to others around him.

Prabhu's wife, meanwhile, told a similar sequence of events and said that they had called the flight attendants to change their seats as well.

Magistrate Judge Steven Whalen said, "It seems that she's either colluding with the defendant to cover up his actions or she's completely oblivious to what he did", Jawad argued. But the "flight attendants did not report that anyone asked them to change seats other than the victim", Jawad said.

The man sitting next to her was shoving his fingers in her vagina and "vigorously moving them", according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

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