The 5 biggest Nintendo Switch games announced in today's Nintendo Direct

Alan Olson
January 12, 2018

Not since the days of the Game Boy Advance has Nintendo done this.

Rumored to be taking place on January 10, fans were waiting eagerly for Nintendo to make some kind of announcement.

We know. Cruel. However, it turns out the rumors weren't entirely unfounded.

This Nintendo DS cult classic gets a makeover for the Nintendo Switch.

According to reports, the news of the exclusive titles that will be making it to the Nintendo Switch comes after it was revealed that the console has been recognized as the fastest selling home video game system in US history.

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This isn't all. Super Mario Odyssey sees a new mini-game called Balloon World, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gets Donkey Kong joining the fray as a playable character complete with a new storyline and world, and Pokken Tournament DX gets the Battle Pack that adds new Pokemon and avatar items from January 31. Which games are you most looking forward to on the Nintendo Switch? But there was an abundance of tidbits that should also have Switch owners excited.

That wasn't all, of course. Ten years following its initial release, The World Ends with You -Final Remix- is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Then in 2000, Nintendo released a tried and true "MT" game for the N64 console aptly titled "Mario Tennis 64". Additionally, the game includes new outfits for Link and Zelda based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. The game has since made its way to iOS and Android devices, but now a new version of the game is set to come to the Switch this year. You've seen him in swim shorts and a poncho in Odyssey, now it's tennis whites. Payday 2 hits Switch on February 27th.

"Dark Souls: Remastered" will run in 1080p full HD at 30fps on the Nintendo Switch when docked to a TV, while in handheld mode, it will run in 720p at 60fps. It's a third-person action game that forces players to carefully choose every action, lest they die over and over (and over and over) at the hands of even the most mundane enemies.

The definitive version of Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Indie platformer Celeste features pixelated graphics and an assist mode that lets you tweak the difficultly level.

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