London's Mayor Remains Unfazed As Far-Right Protesters Call For Arrest

Randolph Lopez
January 14, 2018

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was halted whilst delivering a speech on gender equality by pro-Trump and Brexit supporters who crashed the event demanding his arrest on Saturday, reported the Guardian.

Khan had commented at the time saying he was "not welcome" to visit the United Kingdom saying "President Trump ... used Twitter to promote a vile, extremist group that exists exclusively to sow division and hatred in our country".

The protest comes just one day after Khan - who has been an outspoken critic of the American president - issued a statement about Trump canceling his London visit over an inaccurate claim of President Obama selling the former USA embassy "for peanuts".

Audience members began to heckle and slow-clap, and security guards entered the auditorium.

Mr Khan called the President's policies "divisive", describing them as the "polar opposite" of London's values of "inclusion, diversity and tolerance".

As attempts were made to eject them, one of the protestors could be heard saying: "We stand under Common Law jurisdiction". Please stand back, do not touch us.

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Khan could be seen flicking through a newspaper while the protesters were escorted out the building by police.

The mayor added: "It is a pleasure to be here even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call very stable geniuses".

The protestor then accused the Fabian Society of "subverting" the constitution.

Mr Trump was scheduled to travel to London to open a new embassy, but he cancelled.

When he resumed his speech Mr Khan tried to make light of the incident with a reference to Prime Minister Theresa May's Tory conference speech which was interrupted by a prankster, saying: "On the plus side I wasn't served with a P45".

Trump called himself "a very stable genius" last week after accusations he was "intellectually incapable" of holding office.

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