Rumor: Call of Duty 2018 Will Be Black Ops 4

Alan Olson
February 7, 2018

The Switch version of Black Ops 4 will reportedly support new DLC map packs, HD Rumble as well as the Joy-Con motion controls. Activision went back to the series' roots with Call of Duty WW2 so there's plenty of room for experimentation going forward.

Just like sports simulations that receive an annual refresh, gamers already expect a yearly installment from Activision's popular shooter and see a new Call of Duty game.

We recommend that you take Sellars' statements as a rumor and hope that Treyarch or Activision will provide details about it. This year, this game may come to the Nintendo Switch as well as on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Treyarch released Black Ops III in 2015, followed by Infinity Ward's Infinite Warfare in 2016 and Sledgehammer's WWII past year.

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The Nintendo Switch version will be ported by a development studio who is familiar with the Call of Duty franchise. The original rumor claimed that the game would be set in "modern times", while Eurogamer only confirmed that it would indeed be Black Ops 4 that we'd be seeing this year. "Infinite Warfare" was a sales disappointment, while all three "Black Ops" games are in franchise's top 5 best sellers. Call of Duty: Black Ops IV is coming this year. Call of Duty: Ghosts was the last Call of Duty released on a Nintendo system (Wii U).

In the last Black Ops iteration, Treyarch dabbled with the future, but he claims they'll return back to the modern day for Black Ops 4.

So, not only is CoD 2018 supposedly going to be Black Ops 4, but it's also going to be boots on ground, and available on the Nintendo Switch.

It makes sense for the developers to release "Black Ops 4", especially given how well "Black Ops 3" was received critically and how well it has sold.

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