Google AMP Add Snapchat Like Stories To Mobile Web Searches

Alan Olson
February 14, 2018

The AMP Stories product, a visually driven format built on AMP HTML, will begin serving in Google search results today, linked to publishers such as People and CNN. The new format is strikingly similar to Snapchat Stories, which, since its launch in 2013, has been cloned by Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, Whatsapp, and YouTube.

"Today, we're announcing AMP for Email so that emails can be formatted and sent as AMP documents". Furthermore, in typical Google fashion, this technology is completely open-source so it's likely that we'll see further AMP improvements added in by other developers over time. However, when users scroll down, they should be able to find the new "Visual Stories" section, as pointed out by 9To5Google.

Developers who are interested in taking a look at AMP for Email can check out the spec on GitHub.

The Washington Post's homepage loads in less than two seconds, in part because of Google's AMP project (WSJ) which strips away unnecessary code so that essential information can appear more quickly.

But, the development of AMP stories will have to be over time. So, you will soon start seeing AMP Stories on mobile search.

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By putting applications into Gmail, Google gains access to even more user data about the viewer that can and will be used for ad-serving purposes. It's rolling out tappable, visual stories that incorporate text, images, and videos in the style made popular by Snapchat. It's a "moble-focussed format for developing news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories".

A few such companies include Pinterest,, and Doodle.

Just type in one of those publications, and you will be shown a standard looking Google search results page. That should technically allow for a much smoother viewing of these stories. "Getting these key details right often poses prohibitively high startup costs, particularly for small publishers".

It's also still unclear how Google will surface these stories in search and how publishers can ensure that they'll be included here.

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