Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

Alyssa Bailey
February 14, 2018

The new feature can reply to the questions such as 'When will be home?' or 'Are you at the restaurant?' the project is yet in the very beginning of its development, while Google is not expected to make the feature widely available to the outside testers than its Area 120.

One of Allo's highlight features is Smart Reply, where the app guesses what you might respond to a message with, and adds a button to send that response.

The system will work with Google's Hangouts, Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Slack and Twitter Direct Messages.

If you're interested in testing out Reply and other applications from Area 120 in the future, your best bet is to sign up to join the incubator's Early Access Program.

Allo now uses Smart Reply in its message platform to enable users to quickly respond to messages with a selection of context-aware replies.

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Google's Smart Reply uses the firm's neural network to intelligently analyse a message's content to suggest an appropriate response. Smart Reply functionality could save on-the-go workers time while improving collaboration.

Replying to common messages received via your Android device will soon be a lot easier. For example, when one's phone is on silent mode, Reply can bypass this and play the usual alert tone when it determines that a message is too urgent. Reply will be able to interpret that as a reason to push that notification through to the user.

Additionally, Reply can determine when you're driving and reply to any texts to let people know you're behind the wheel, messages that Reply determines are more important than others (such as "Where are you?!") can still notify you even if your phone is on silent, and vacation responses will automatically be sent out if someone tries to contact you and Reply sees that you've noted on your calendar that you're taking some time off. Offering similar technology across a range of apps - and potentially only for Android users - could help push some users to adopt Android over iOS; or could prompt them to move to Gmail when they see how useful Smart Reply technology can be. That means Reply won't come in the form of a standalone app like, say, Google Duo, but merely a feature baked into a variety of chat apps. And you want to be there for people, but also for people in the real world.

Beyond automated replies, Reply is getting brand-new features that make it even more aware of certain situations.

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