US, Israel escalate war on Syria

Randolph Lopez
February 14, 2018

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intercepted a an Iranian drone that crossed into Israel's airspace from Syria- the IDF videotaped the intercept and subsequent destruction of the drone to prevent Iran from claiming it was a propaganda story. Motives for future strikes remain valid for Israel. Before Saturday's crash, the Tel Aviv regime had not lost a warplane in 35 years - since the first Israeli war on Lebanon, in 1982.

In the face of the perceived threat from Iranian military presence, Israel has increased the pace of its interventions striking targets in pre-emptive strikes against Hezbollah and Iranian troops in Syria.

An Israeli war against Iran would mean horror for ordinary people across the Middle East-and could easily spread well outside of Syria's borders. "How will the USA respond?" Russia's statement urging "all sides to exercise restraint" indicated that it was not supportive of Iran's provocations that might put the Kremlin's "project" of saving the Assad regime at risk. And in a bid to placate his right-wing allies, he claimed he was in talks with the Trump administration on such a move. America's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey is battling USA -allied Kurds, who are receiving tacit support from the Syrian government. He has held his position for so long in part because of his ability to convince Israelis that he is best suited to lead Israel in this existential battle with Iran. "In general the parties are not looking for a war".

Iran, however, has rubbished the statements made by Israel and called it "ridiculous".

Our orders have been cut.

In addition, it is worth repeating that the Iranian UAV - said to be reversed engineered from an American drone shot down over Iran in 2011 - which sparked the weekend's clash was launched from a Russian-controlled base.

If Tehran did, it would be an act of monumental stupidity.

Anti-aircraft fire downed an Israeli warplane returning from a bombing raid on Iran-backed positions in Syria yesterday in the most serious confrontation yet between Israel and Iranian-backed forces based across the border.

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Turkey's offensive against the US allied Kurdish forces opens a new front in the Syrian civil war.

Israel, in war with Hezbollah for more than 30 years, considers Iranian military presence in Syria a casus belli.

"We have always advocated for free and fair elections, transparent elections - not just in Egypt but in any country", he said.

The same day, the headquarters of a group of so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces", a joint Arab and Kurdish force backed by the USA, came under attack.

What this signals is that, though ISIS has been all but evicted from Syria, the USA intends to retain that fourth of Syria as a bargaining chip in negotiations.

Meanwhile, Turkey is continuing to assault a Kurdish enclave on its border and threatening to attack another one where US troops are present; and Syrian government and Russian forces are pounding rebel positions east of Damascus and in the northern province of Idlib, including with chemical weapons. Iran and Russian Federation have both been propping up the Assad regime in Syria. I, too, am concerned that too many questions are deliberately left unanswered by the media, like "Why do we feel obliged to help rebels maintain control over Syrian oil fields stolen from the Syrians by rebels (once called ISIS) and drop bombs killing 100 Syrian troops who killed no one?" And we have a strategic interest in not losing Turkey as an ally. In the past few years, Hezbollah has "issued massive threats" towards Israel with military action. What would victory look like?

Al-Rashed believes that when controlling the conflict between Russia, America, Iran, Turkey and Israel fails, Iraq will be the most prone to danger.

Tehran clearly understood these messages, but has its own set of calculations. The shockwave of a third war in this region would have an impact over the Mediterranean.

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