Uber launches Express Pool in San Diego

Dianna Christensen
February 22, 2018

Express Pool works much like UberPool in that it enables riders to share their journeys with others heading in the same general direction for cheaper fares.

In addition to having to walk a little prior to the journey, riders will also have to walk a bit at the end of their journey to reach their final destination. Once you're connected with your route, the app will map your walk to meet your driver (probably one or two blocks), who will then pick you up and then drop off a few people on the way before finally leaving you one or two blocks away from your final destination.

The service was first tested in San Francisco and Boston in November, and launched Wednesday in L.A., San Diego and Denver.

Denver is among three USA cities that can begin using the "Express POOL" service on Tuesday. For now, Uber will continue to offer regular Uber Pool for those not wanting to walk to the pickup point (because heels).

The new version, called Express POOL, will be the cheapest option yet among Uber's offerings for hailing a pickup.

Once a rider hails an Express Pool, the Uber algorithm will take a moment to figure out the best route, driver and pickup location for not just that rider, but other riders as well.

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A sign outside Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

The Express Pool system allows customers to trade the convenience of being picked up wherever they are for a more "consistent experience", says Ethan Stock, director of product for Uber.

While Uber's new service may sound similar to a bus, the company says there are few key differences.

Express Pool will have normal-sized cars, at least initially, and optimally will carry a maximum of three passengers so riders arent crammed into the vehicles. Rides are dependent on what riders are requesting in specific areas. Rides can be up to 30% cheaper than Uberpool and could cost up to 75% less than a regular Uber ride. Uber told The Verge that it was the model for the company's future.

Because time and distance are money, Express Pool can be a less-expensive ride option. It meant that rides could be more affordable than uberX for passengers, and over time, cities could be less congested and polluted.

"Express Pool, in combination with public transit, cycling, car-sharing and more, can help us get towards this shift, and I'm extremely excited about the potential impact this product can have on cities".

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