Cheerleaders from 39 states possibly exposed to mumps

Randolph Lopez
March 9, 2018

A person from another state who had mumps traveled to Dallas for the National Cheerleaders Association All-Star National Championship, Texas Department of State Health Services spokesman Chris Van Deusen said.

In all, the organization says that 23,655 cheerleaders from 39 states and nine countries competed in the event from February 23 to February 25 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. He said the more than 23,000 cheerleaders and 2,600 coaches from 39 states and nine countries have been advised to watch for mumps symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle aches, and swollen jaw and cheeks.

The spreading of mumps occurs through saliva or from respiratory droplets created when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

It may take from 14 to 25 days to develop symptoms after becoming infected with the virus.

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Mumps is a contagious viral illness, according to the letter. "People with mumps are infectious three days before to five days after swollen glands appear". Health officials advise people never to share glasses, utensils, cigarettes or other items, as that could also spread the virus. Infected people without symptoms may still be able to transmit the virus. Those who have not received a second MMR shot should get one as soon as possible, health officials suggest. Since an expanded vaccination program in 1989, reported cases of mumps have ranged from a few hundred to several thousand, but those figures have increased in recent years, from 229 cases in 2012 to more than 6,300 in 2016.

The CDC says the MMR vaccine is "very safe" and about 88 percent effective with two doses in your system.

If parents or children who attended the event begin to show signs of the virus they are asked to call their healthcare provider immediately or Health Services at 512-776-7676.

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