Amazon Echo's Alexa is Weirding People out with Her Impromptu Laughter

Erica Roy
March 10, 2018

If you own an Amazon Alexa-toting speaker and you've heard random laughs in your house, you (probably) don't have any reason to worry. To fix the issue, Amazon is disabling that command and changing the trigger phrase to "Alexa, can you laugh?"

Alexa's response will also change from just laughter to "Sure, I can laugh".

According to Amazon, Alexa devices were incorrectly "hearing" a command to laugh. For some people, however, it has seemingly happened at random, while others suggest it has happened when asking Alexa to play music. Even though Amazon's devices - and similar products from competitors - have made a lot of headway into our homes, always-listening voice assistant technology is still somewhat young, in the grand scheme of things.

Another user recalled sitting in the living room with his mother when all of a sudden, Alexa started laughing.

"We use it for the weather in the morning and we always just say goodnight", she says.

Amazon Echo
Image Some users have called the laugh ‘really creepy

This laugh sounds slightly sarcastic, as if the person laughing were trying to convey that they didn't really find whatever they'd just heard amusing.

Luckily for those people who have been experiencing this problem, our Amazon overlords are working to fix the problem. Few users on Twitter also wondered if the laugh is similar to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos or different!

Our question is this: why does Alexa need to laugh at all?

Lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot lets out a very loud and creepy laugh... there's a good chance I get murdered tonight.

Amazon has said the company is now "working to fix the problem." responding to requests for comment.

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