The unfettered mind of Stephen Hawking

Alan Olson
March 17, 2018

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association, the United Kingdom equivalent of the ALS Association, noted on Wednesday that Hawking's life was inspiring to the large number of people who have also lived with the disease.

Hawking was a man with so many limitations: his wheelchair became the chamber for his body, he lost the use of his voice during a particularly hard time with his health, and he divorced twice - the latter, his former nurse accused of abusing him.

After Matthew Wright mentioned Professor Hawking had sold millions of books, Debbie said: "His book, The Theory of Relativity, wasn't it?"

At the age of 21, while Stephen was pursuing his PhD at Cambridge university, he was diagnosed with a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which according to the doctors is "100 percent fatal" and such patients do not survive more than 2 years. In 2002, Hawking decided that the formula for Hawking radiation would on his tombstone.

This tribute is dedicated to his brilliance as a human because I do not have enough knowledge or ability to fully comprehend his work to give it the tribute it deserves. Hawking had been living with this disease since 1963, though it never stopped him from becoming known as one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. Later, I asked Gerry why Hans did not take this opportunity, and he answered: "You'd be surprised how shy Hans can be".

"I think it would be a disaster". People who neither talk big nor dirty but dream big.

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Hawking said there is the potential that machines could one day do all the work in society, and that fair distribution of the profits from that work would be the key. Author of several popular books, such as "Brief history of time", today he is seen as an heir of great physicists such as Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo, and Einstein. They have three kids together. With leaders and role models like that aplenty, imagining what kind of world my kids will grow up in already makes me cringe.

Professor Tim Pedley, also of Caius college, has has memories of him dancing in his wheelchair. The behavior we see in the House of Representatives is sickening and we have seen that virus leech into the Judiciary.

"Meeting an advanced [alien] civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus", Hawking said in the 2016 documentary Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places. That makes us something very special'.

Professor Stephen Hawking had a motor neurone disease practically his entire adult life but it did not stop him from having an attractive family and being successful in his work.

Barr, the current president of the Society of Catholics Scientists, reflected on what Hawking's role as a scientist means for beliefs about the origin of the universe.

Stephen Hawking, with his daughter, Lucy.

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