Curable tuberculosis remains among top 10 deadly disease

Bryan Strickland
March 24, 2018

Kyrgyzstan has one of the highest rates globally of drug-resistant forms of TB (around 25% of new cases), which are extremely unsafe as they are no longer responsive to the standard treatment and can take up to two years to treat. USAID, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, introduced new drugs and more effective treatments to treat drug resistant TB.

World Tuberculosis Day is observed on March 24 every year to help spread awareness about the disease, communicate prevention measures as well as to commemorate efforts undertaken against the disease. We need leadership at the level of global institutions, through the involvement of WHO, UNICEF and others.

According to a report by 2016 there were more than 10 million cases and over 1.7 million people died of Tuberculosis all over the world. Of the 10.4 million people who caught the disease a year ago, too few have been properly diagnosed or treated. Furthermore, documenting the prevalence of HIV co-infection among TB cases is still compromised by sub-optimal reporting in several countries. TB claims millions of victims each year and repeated research and studies show that despite increased awareness against it, the count of people affected by it remains alarmingly large - especially in India.

If you have spent time with someone with TB disease or someone with symptoms of TB, you should go to your doctor or to the health department for testing.

"Too many of our population are unaware they might be carrying latent TB and a simple screening process which is freely available at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust can provide you with a diagnosis and get you on your way to clear the infection". N- TB asks for specific details such as the height and weight of a person and then gives information about their health status based on the calculated BMI. Launching TB Free India Campaign in Delhi earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Among the possible causes are influx of foreign workers from countries with high TB rates, challenges in screening and infection control, and a substantial population of vulnerable individuals including HIV-positive individuals. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) categorically states that tuberculosis can not be spread through sharing utensils or containers, sharing cigarettes with others and saliva shared through kissing.

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One of the obstacles to treating TB is the long treatment process.

National Anti-tuberculosis Association of Bangladesh (NATAB) President Mozaffar Hossain Paltu, USAID Senior Adviser for infectious diseases Dr Charles Lerman, and icddr, b scientist Dr Sayra Banu also spoke.

Take diagnostics: the world now has rapid tests to diagnose pulmonary TB in a matter of hours, which is revolutionary.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been fighting TB for more than 30 years and is among the biggest treatment providers. All can be leaders of efforts to end TB in their own work or terrain. Government of India has been spending millions in providing free treatment the treatment of TB since decades.

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