Baby born in China four years after parents' death

Randolph Lopez
April 13, 2018

As surrogacy is illegal in China, aided by an underground surrogacy agency, the parents of the couple sourced a surrogate mother in Laos in January 2017 and the baby boy, named Tiantian (which translates as "sweet"), was born in December of previous year.

The baby boy's parents, Shen Jie and Liu Xi, had been married for two years before trying IVF treatment to conceive. They decided instead to search for a surrogate outside of the country and found the woman from Laos.

Finally, they won the rights to the embryos and Tian Tian (which means "sweet" in Chinese) was born to a surrogate mother in Laos on Dec 9 previous year. "His eyes are like my daughter's, but he resembles his father a little more", she added.

Liu's mother Hu Xinxian told the outlet they named him Tiantian, meaning "sweet".

When they were killed the embryos were frozen at -196C in a liquid nitrogen tank in a hospital in Nanjing.

The birth of boy nicknamed "Tiantian" (sweet in Mandarin) was made all the more hard as China does not have a legal precedent for the parents of couples inheriting their children's embryos. After finally being granted custody of the embryos in January 2017, both sets of parents travelled to Laos to find a mother as surrogacy in illegal in China.

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In December previous year, Shen and Liu's baby, a boy, was born in a hospital in Guangzhou. To avoid any citizenship issues, the surrogate was later brought back to China on a tourist visa to give birth. Last month, the family celebrated Tiantian's 100 days of birth by throwing a small party.

The baby's paternal and maternal grandparents have reportedly proven relations through DNA.

The four new grandparents said they were thrilled that they are able to continue the families' bloodline.

Shen Jie's father, Shen Xinnan, said he only plans to tell the boy that his parents are living overseas and reveal what happened to his parents when he is older.

"This child came into the world with sadness". We will definitely tell him in the future.

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