Do You Trust Facebook?

Randolph Lopez
April 14, 2018

"Yesterday when we talked, I gave the relatively harmless example that I'm communicating with my friends on Facebook and indicate that I love a certain kind of chocolate".

The Fiasco in Brief: In 2014, Dr. Aleksandr Kogan developed a personality quiz app ostensibly for academic research purposes. Zuckerberg said the company is auditing tens of thousands of apps to find other such leaks, and will inform affected users when it identifies them. How can we measure data's worth? These days, the Lewiston High School grad is working for a small, nonprofit company called The Center for Humane Technology, which focuses on privacy issues and the idea that many social media platforms and other online services are created to be addicting.

NPR previously reported that the Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether Facebook breached a 2011 consent decree by allowing third-party apps access to consumer data without consumer permission. Zuckerberg said he was open to the idea of regulation, but would need to see the specifics of any bill in order to agree wholeheartedly. While this week the Silicon Valley giant's stock has experience a modest recovery as its CEO appears calm and collected in front of USA lawmakers, the high-flying FAANG stock saw roughly $100 billion shaved off its market capitalization in the weeks following its latest data crisis. Congress should remember that the social network is not too big to be punished for prior bad actions. Facebook knows a fair amount about you.

The congressional hearings this week followed revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm, had improperly harvested the data of up to 87 million Facebook users.

What is Facebook doing now?


The stolen data was so widespread that it even swept up information on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Is it enough? What steps should social media platforms take?

"Implementing changes to the platform so that privacy could be better protected is not trivial when it impacts the core business model".

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Zuckerberg: Congressman, I'm not, I'm not familiar with that.

Looking for news you can trust? If you've ever used Facebook's Messenger app, you've likely given the company access to your phone contacts.

"Privacy settings alone won't address the problems that profiling poses".

- Should Facebook be more proactive in protecting its users' data? It doesn't. But it does trade off user data.

For 14 years, Mark Zuckerberg was free to use any means he could imagine to build his social network into an Internet and advertising colossus with tens of billions of dollars in revenue.

The fact that Zuckerberg did not provide lawmakers with a clear answer about the extent of its data collection is notable because much of that information is readily available on Facebook's Help page.

Well explained and well-placed Privacy Controls: Most of the social networking sites have privacy policies buried under a number of pages, the technicalities of which are not easy to comprehend. That's despite not confirming exactly which will be made available to users outside of Europe.

"We have not seen wild changes in behavior with people saying I'm not going to share any data with Facebook anymore", Everson said at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council, the newspaper reports.

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