Trump promises GOP lawmaker to protect states' marijuana rights

Randolph Lopez
April 15, 2018

In a phone call earlier this week, Trump assured Gardner that Colorado's legal marijuana industry is safe from federal interference, ending a standoff between the senator and the U.S. Department of Justice over states' rights to legalize the plant.

Gardner was angered in January when Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, revoked the Obama-era Cole memo that discouraged the federal government from interfering with states that had legalized marijuana.

He singled out Colorado, the first state to allow recreational marijuana sales. But Gardner said Sessions had promised him he'd do nothing to interfere with Colorado's robust marijuana market. Visit for more information on this news.

The action comes as there's widespread speculation about whether Trump will remove Department of Justice officials overseeing the Russian Federation investigation.

"Since the effort, President Trump has consistently supported rsquo countries &; rights to decide how best to strategy bud", Gardner said.

He continued: "Because of these commitments, I have informed the Administration that I will be lifting my remaining holds on Department of Justice nominees".

"Furthermore", Gardner added, "President Trump has assured me that he'll help a federalism-based legislative decision to restore this states' rights scenario as quickly as and for all". Especially infuriating, from Gardner's perspective, was that Sessions had pledged during his confirmation process for attorney general that he would leave states that had legalized marijuana alone, according to the senator. Cory Gardner, a Republican, talked about he'd acquired an assurance from the president on the states' rights' scenario earlier this week.

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Though pure speculation, Trump may be looking for a public-relations boost while embroiled in the ongoing investigation by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign to Trump's benefit. I think it's up to the state's yeah, I'm a states person.

After Trump selected Sessions, a former federal prosecutor and also USA senator from Alabama, as his attorney general, bud fans girded for a crackdown.

The action came amid widespread speculation that Trump will remove Justice officials overseeing the Russian Federation investigation.

That memo was replaced with a new order from Sessions which allows local U.S. attorneys to decide whether to prosecute these businesses under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which bans marijuana in all 50 states regardless of local law.

Though some use of marijuana has been legalized in 24 states, the drug is illegal under federal law. Replacements of any of those officials would require new nominations. Cory Gardner and the administration over Justice Department nominees.

The action came amid widespread speculation that Trump will remove Justice officials overseeing the Russian Federation investigation. Gardner has met with Courses and Deputy Authorized skilled Regular Rod Rosenstein, the official overseeing the Russian Federation probe who has been the aim of Trump's ire.

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